Get Down

or Lay Down

Paintball Soldiers For Life

We are a group of guys that have been playing together for 8 years now. We all live around the Statesville area. We have about 20 or so guys on our team. We also have our own field called “Borderlands”. To top our team off we also have a paintball tank called the “Deathdealer”.

We are always looking for new people to play with. So if you or your team thinks they got what it takes to be a soldier then come on out and show us what you got. We play once or twice a month only on Sundays at 1:00. All of our games will be posted on the site. You will need to bring your own balls and air. Hope to see you in the woods.

For game info and directions to the field call Jason Mann (H)704-881-0432

Yeah, we’ve got Sponsors bro.

We love paint and live to our traditions.

We game hard and enjoy good gear even more.

Check out what we enjoy and who reps us.