Another great year, we lost some guys but picked up some great new ones, we went to two big games at Command and the Christmas game was another big hit. 2012 will be even better. More games at Command, another Christmas game and more work done on Borderlands. Can’t wait to kick some more ass with you guys this year.


2. Co MVP- Cody and Cady

3. Rookie of the Year- Bumgarner

4. Most Improved- Justin B.

5. Shit Talker- JDOGG

6. Most likely to bitch- Dave

7. Most likely to be late to a game- Will

8. Most likely to get hurt in a game- Scott B.

9. Most likely tp get laid at a game- Sam

10. Most likely to get sick at a game- Dale

11. Most likely to have gun trouble- Terry

12. Most likely to get shot in the head- Justin J.

13. Most likely to shoot someone in the head-Will

14. Welcome new guys- Justin J, Dale, Drew, Israel,and Shannon glad to have you guys with us