2012 Paintball Soldiers Awards

1. MVP Cady, for all his hard work on the tank, helping on the x-mas game, paying for website, etc..

2. CO-MVPScott, for keeping up the field, helping out at Fulda gap and x-mas game andDell, for the great job on the tank he built.

3. Rookie of the YearMule, has been with us a year and has been to all the big games and Borderlands, plus was a gen. at command.

4. Shit Talker – Most likely to talk shit-Reaper,enough said.

5. Bitch – Most likely to bitch about something-Jackal,enough said.

6. Camera Shot – Most likely to shoot a cameraman-Will,Bum,Jackal,if you are taking pics or video and these guys are on the field watch out.

7. Big Hurt – Most likely to get hurt in a game-Bum and BJ,they both blow there knees out.

8. Sneake – Most likely to sneak up behinde and kill you-Scoville,just ask Mule he knows.

9.Gun Down – Most likely to have gun troubles-Anthony,poor Invert

10. Face Shot – Most likely to get shot in the face-Reaper and Codeman,paintballs just like our masks.

11.Friendly Fire – Most likely to shoot someone on there team-Reaper and Chi,we did some same side killing at Fulda.

12. No Show – Most likely not to show up for a game-Ghost,yea he’s been a real ghost lately.

13. 2 Late – Most likely to be late for a game-Scott and Justin,not Justin’s fault his dad is old and slow and a poor shot(ha,ha)

14. Comeback PlayerJ-Killer and Mo Freaken,they been gone for awhile but now there back and always welcome.

15. SportsmanshipDrew’s Crew(Drizzel,Israel,Shannon,Beard,Cody) your crew has had a hard time this year outside of paintball but you guys always come out to play and help out when you can, thank you for your sportsmanship.

16. Pic of the Year – The pic was taken by Mike Hall and the pic is of Chi from the Fulda Gap game.

To all the new guys to the team this year welcome and keep coming out to play. 2013 will be bigger and better. Paintball Soldier 4 Life.