Shadow Wars 2013


Join The ZANU Today!

On May 25th-26th, 2013, the Shadow Wars paintball scenario at Command Decisons Wargames Center will feature The Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANU) guerrillas lead by Tango Alpha2‘s Jerry “J-Bird” Hughes. Operation Dingo II will pit the Zimbabwe forces against the unrecognized Rhodesian government.

General Jerry J-Bird Hughes, leader of the ZANU in Shadow Wars


From General J-Bird:

This is the leader of ZANU ( J Bird Hughes), I am calling upon all my loyal citizens to fight back against the oppression that hold our country its grip. On May 25 and 26th we will battle to free Rhodesian. So that we might truly have a government that is of the people. I ask you to meet me on the battlefield on May 25 and we will conduct a guerrilla war to drive the ruling class out. Bring your hearts and minds and don’t forget you paintball guns, and we will do battle against the oppressive regime that has crushed our People’s spirit for so long. Let all know that the Shadow Wars are coming , be ready. Contact me today to see how your and your team can help keep Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans!

General Jerry “J-Bird” Hughes


About J-Bird

Jerry “J-Bird” Hughes is a veteran paintball player who has generaling experience that includes Vietnam & City Wars at Red Fox Games. A key member of Tango Alpha2 for more than a year now, you may recognize him as the driver of the Gator during Gen Kill who set off most of the air strikes, taxied players and won the Most Valuable Ref award at that game. Jerry never forgets that this is just a game and is meant to be about FUN! Known for his giving nature and good sportsmanship, J-Bird will do everything in his power to make sure that his players have a safe and unbelievably fun time playing for the ZANU at this years Shadow Wars! Pledging Jerry their full support and fighting for the ZANU, Team Tango Alpha2 will be bringing their communications expertise to the game with secure UHF communications between key teams. TA2 will also be starting early in recruiting players looking to have fun and bring their skills to bear for the Zimbabwe people!


Rhodesian Bush War Back Story:

The Rhodesian Bush War was a civil war which took place between July 1964 and December 1979 in the unrecognized south African country of Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe Rhodesia). The conflict pitted the unrecognized Rhodesian government verses the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANU) guerrillas supported by the Soviet Union and Cuba. The two sides were, for the most part, evenly matched numerically, but the technically superior Rhodesians were forced to be innovators in counter-insurgency tactics as they were completely abandoned by the governments of the West. They were also forced to attempt to protect large swaths of territory from guerrilla attacks but in doing so were spread thin and were generally forced to react. ZANU, on the other hand, lacked the level of skill, weapons and equipment, but were supported by the Communists. While they had safe havens in neighboring Mozambique and Zambia, and the advantage of hit and run guerrilla tactics, they most often were defeated in head to head confrontations with the Rhodesians. Thus, the war was a draw until Rhodesia was forced by the international community to sue for peace. The war and its subsequent international settlement led to the implementation in June 1979 of universal suffrage and end of white minority rule in Rhodesia, which was renamed Zimbabwe Rhodesia under a black majority government. However, this new order failed to win international recognition and the war continued. The country returned temporarily to British control and new elections were held under British supervision in March 1980. ZANU won the election and Mugabe became the first Prime Minister of Zimbabwe on 18 April 1980, when the country achieved internationally-recognized independence.

Game format

■Mission based with certain areas of territory that must be controlled at all times Salisbury (Sim City) for the Rhodesians and Mozambique (FB Bravo/Luke) for ZANU.

■Missions will vary in points, but both sides will be expected to conduct a variety of small unit missions every hour.

■Field Fee on Day of Game: $50.00 OR Pre-Register on or before May 19: ONLY $40.00

■(Registration includes all day air and field fee)

■This is a field paint only event. Paint will be available from $40.00 a case and up.

■It is a 2 day game, Saturday 1000 til 1700, Saturday night from 2000 til 2300 and a Sunday 0900 til 1400 game. Raffle at 1500 Sunday.

■Field will open at 1500 Friday, 0800 Saturday and Sunday

■You can register online at

■To register by phone call Command Decisions Paintball at (828) 495-4155.

■Any questions, check out special events section or look for us on Facebook