PBS Awards 2013

2013 Paintball Soldiers Awards

1. MVP – Walking Dead Crew – Cady, Mule, Flash, and Ox- without you guys there would not have been a game, from paying for stuff, webwork, recruiting, reffing and making the map, thank you.


2. CO-MVP – Chi and Codeman- for all the hard work helping out at the big games and cooking.


3. Rookie of the Year – Rabbit- has been with us a half a year now and has been to all the big games and Borderlands, keep up the good work.


4. Shit Talker – Most likely to talk shit- Reaper-enough said.


5. Bitch – Most likely to bitch about something- Jackal-enough said.


6. Camera Shot – Most likely to shoot a cameraman- Will, Bum, Jackal- if you are taking pics or video and these guys are on the field watch out.


7. Big Hurt – Most likely to get hurt in a game-Ant- messed up his knee last game and is on light duty for 8 weeks.


8. Sneaky – Most likely to sneak up behinde and kill you- Scoville- just ask Reaper he knows.


9.Up an Coming – Seth- Just join the team few months back and already making a name for himself.


10. Face Shot – Most likely to get shot in the face- Reaper and Codeman- paintballs just like our masks.


11. Fuck Up – Most likely to fuck something up- Mule- from getting the tank stuck and popping the tire on the Command truck and that was all done in less then an hour.


12. No Show – Most likely not to show up for a game-J-Killer’s crew- they come to big games but cant seem to make it to Borderlands.


13. 2 Late – Most likely to be late for a game-Scott and Justin,not Justin’s fault his dad is old and slow.(ha,ha)


14. Comeback Player – Ghost – gland to see you back out on the field


15. Quitter – Most likely to quit the team- Drew’s Crew(Drizzel,Israel,Shannon,Beard,Cody) your crew quit on the team, thanks for nothing.


16. Pic of the Year – The pic was taken by Mike Hall and the pic is of Reaper from Borderlands with my new mask on.


Get down or lay down Paintball Soldiers 4 Life.

Crashing Christmas Charity Game 2013

Played another game for a good cause.  Our annual Crashing Christmas game was a huge success.  We donated all these presents to a local family in need of something special at Christmastime.




Get down or lay down Paintball Soldiers 4 Life.