Brandon "Kraken" Chance

Brandon "Kraken" Chance

Zombie Leader


Okay, here’s the deal. This is my office
and my beat laboratory!


And this is the one rule of the house:

Don’t ever, ever, ever...

...touch my drum set.

- You understand?
- Don’t go in there and...

- No touching!
- All right!

There. I was at about six there.

You don’t wanna see me go to 10.

Dillon ‘Rambo’ Moore

Dillon ‘Rambo’ Moore


Dillon ‘Rambo’ Moore started playing paintball as a teenager and has been active in the paintball community for the past 8 years. When Dillon began playing paintball he and 5 others formed a small team called Operation Threat. They participated in several small scenarios and played recreational ball at Behind Enemy Lines Paintball. Operation Threat played alongside teams such as 101st Reborn, Men of Valor, and Mad Paintball. Currently, Dillon and his friends, formed a team called Mad Marker Militia. They have participated in most major scenarios in the Carolina’s while also traveling to paintball fields along the East Coast. When the team first started they had 10 dedicated men, today the team has grown to over thirty team members and continues to grow. The Mad Marker Militia team was founded to be family oriented so everyone can feel comfortable to play paintball. When it comes to paintball, the main focus is enjoyment but also dedication by playing hard and working together as a team. Last year Mad Marker Militia played the Walker side and received the Most Valuable Team award. Dillon Moore is honored to be the Rick General alongside his XO Mike Johnson with Full Scenario Paintball and their tank AKM-86. Come fight for team Rick and be victorious as we take down Negan along with some Walkers!

Jonathan "Old Crow" Foust

Jonathan "Old Crow" Foust


Jonathan “Old Crow” Foust has been playing paintball since 2002. His first team, FEDeration X, became renown for their role-playing and sportsmanship. As Head Story Writer for Black Cat Paintball Productions, OC was responsible for writing some of the most original and talked-about games in the country.
After moving to North Carolina in 2008, OC has been active in milsim and scenario paintball, running the roleplayers in several editions of Platoon Leader at Command Decisions, as well as generaling and XOing many other games in the area. He has worked behind the scenes on dozens of games in the region as well as writing prologues for games around the country. His focus is always on telling a good story and making sure that his players have fun.
“We are all out here to enjoy ourselves, and I can think of no better way to enjoy the weekend than by winning this thing!”